Whether you are a public or a private organization you are meeting the needs of others. To do so you need to understand people and their needs.

We conduct consumer feedback surveys to measure experiences and satisfaction levels towards driving your strategy.

  • Utilizing a range and/or combination of research tools Sacoda Serv Ltd. We undertake :Research design | Instrument design| Administration| Analysis and data reporting to give you insight on:
  • Who is buying your products/your competitors products: Demographic and psychographic characteristics of customers
  • What customers value in products and what is important when making a purchase decision
  • Whether customers were/are satisfied with your offering and what is missing the market
  • How customers are using your products : frequency, occasion, alternative uses
  • How customers perceive your brand and your competitors
  • Price sensitivity : how customers are likely to react to changes in prices


  • Like the old (but still relevant ) Aesop fable says “ look before you leap”.
  • The other key strategy driver is an understanding of your market. Quality research is pivotal in developing new strategies. Our tailored research provides you with the information you need to reduce risk and identify opportunities and position your business at the at the top of thought and awareness in your industry:
  • Brand Audits
  • Customer and market profiling etc
  • Social Impact Assessments

RETAIL INSIGHTT| Know what’s in-store

We understand that it is in the store the final purchase decisions are made by your customers. Our subsidiary Retail InsighTT monitors the conditions at this critical touchpoint between your customers and your products and provides data from in the store and on the shelves.
retail audit infographic
  • Our retail audit service can provide insight on:
    • Sales volume
    • Stock levels
    • Descriptions of displays
    • In-store product placements and positioning
    • Condition of products in-store
    • Planogram compliance
    • Pricing
    • Best practices of different outlets
    • Competitor activity

Project Management | CSR Project Design,
Management & Evaluation

We can craft the solutions to your CSR Project requirements based on your vision and budget. Our team has the experience to execute on the project and deliver the results.
  • Background research
  • Rapid Assessment
  • Project development
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring & evaluation
  • Project reporting