Debe Secondary School

12th May 2018

The first session led by Mr. Anthony Petite engaged the students in Information Technology. The students learnt about programming language in coding using “if”/”then” and questions/responses. During the session the students wrote codes that would essentially instruct the programme how to respond. The questions were written in a relatable manner as they were based on the students’ interest.

The second session was facilitated by Mr. Jason Rambert, who engaged the students in Mathematics. In the session the students learnt about Volume and Measurement. Using three-dimensional shapes, the students were asked to measure the various objects to find their length, width and height. This was followed by the activity to demonstrate volume; they were given a measuring cup filled with water in which they placed the shapes and other irregular objects e.g. pebbles and stones to measure their volume by the displacement of water method, which is the amount of water that was displaced when the objects were submerged.

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